SE Productions can develop the creative you need within the constraints you have. Our New York entertainment careers existed at the intersection of creative and logistics. You won’t need to scale down or up when the project goes from theoretical to practical and you’ll be thrilled with the follow-through.

Whatever your creative needs, we’ve got you covered!

Creative Producing
Production &
Event Storylines

Whether you need enticing copy, an engaging article, a persuasive proposal, or a storytelling flourish, we can provide for all of your product, nonfiction, and creative needs. We’ve worked with social sector, education, entertainment, cultural, and travel businesses in Amsterdam and New York. 

Every creative process is different because every creative is different. Whether you are developing a script, a pitch, or a program, we can oversee the process to unearth something wholly unexpected and exactly what you need. We follow the project from blueprint to final building. Our creative producing has included live-animation technical development, online video content, studio recording, and script development for theater and film.

Looking to add a creative story to your event? We can develop and implement storytelling for moving crowds and multi-location. Our production and event storylines span from site-specific plays to multi-level events.

Clients & Employers

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