• Over 15 years of experience from all perspectives:

    • On stage and in front of the camera

    • Behind the scenes and in the production office

    • From assistant & stagehand to lead producer & executive director

    • From concept generation to fully-realized product

  • Focus on the process and the team members, bringing out the best in each person

  • Ability to manage tight deadlines and conflicting resources to reach goals

  • Experience creating quality work on both large and small budgets

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Have an event that you hope goes beyond audience expectations?

Creating a show focused on truthful and intimate human connection?

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Shea Elmore comes to Amsterdam from New York City, the world leader in events and entertainment where innovation and high-quality work are requirements for survival.


Shea has over 10 years of experience working for the world-renowned Blue Man Group. As Creative Producer & Development Manager, he managed the team of 20 experts and led them on a range of projects including new productions, creative initiatives, brand development, and overall company strategy. From theatrical shows to video content, Shea helped develop some of the most innovative work coming out of the company in 20 years.

In addition to being lead creative producer for the current World Tour, other highlights include:

Creative Producer & Event Producer:

"New York Stock Exchange"

Producer: "3DHope: Blue Man Group Delivers a Robotic Arm"


"The Forge Music Video"


+31 (0)6 41 351 767

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“Shea was instrumental in our initiative to expand the creative engine of the organization by managing multiple streams of creative projects.”


—  Les Kelley, Blue Man Group Managing Director


Shea also has experience forming and running his own arts company. From setting a clear vision to running day-to-day operations with an energized team, Shea knows the challenges and the triumphs of creating a business from the ground up.

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