Shea founded and led Playing with Reality, a New York-based interactive performance company that gave ordinary audience members the power to be the stars of their own fictional play. Each story was created on the spot, and a world was developed around the star to play how they want and to fight for what, and who, they cared about. He has led workshops in naturalistic improvisation, storytelling, and interactive techniques for actors and non-actors alike. Shea’s unique style of interactive performance derived from the works of Jeff Wirth, whose aim is to remind adults of the power of play.

Interactive Workshops for Non-actors

Interactive Techniques for Actors

"Just Be" Acting & Naturalistic Improvisation for Actors

Interactive Workshops for Non-actors

Interactive workshops can be as simple as basic improv games for a relaxed and fun evening, to as complex as intensive role-playing that cover subjects such as diversity and leadership training. Shea has given workshops to real estate agents to better read clients, to ad agency account managers to better work with colleagues, and to male tech professionals to identify and disarm sexism.

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Elyzabeth is a theater director trained in Viewpoints and Boal techniques and a focus on classical theater. In addition to dozens of New York productions and script development workshops based on Viewpoints and Boal, she ran workshops with improv actors to help strengthen group dynamic and improve ensemble storytelling. Her love of Shakespeare brought her to research at the Folger Library, guest lecture at New York University, and earned the Gielgud Fellowship for Classical Directors. Elyzabeth’s favorite workshop, however, was with the congregants of St. Paul Community Baptist Church in East New York, as they prepared for the MAAFA, a performance to mark the experience of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

About Viewpoints

Viewpoints for Non-actors

Viewpoints for Improvisers

Viewpoints in Rehearsals

Viewpoints for Actors

About Viewpoints

Viewpoints is a physical theater technique used in training actors and developing plays. Pioneered by Anne Bogart and Tina Landau, it forms an important part of advanced theater training in the United States and has been used to develop plays like The Brother/Sister Plays, Floyd Collins, and Civil War Christmas, as well as the work of the SITI Company.

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for Non-actors


for Actors

Shakespeare for Non-actors

The plays of William Shakespeare are performed across the world more than four hundred years after his death. For native speakers and English-learners alike, however, his assumed audience’s knowledge can seem like a barrier. Shakespeare for Non-Actors uses text, movies, and live reading to give context to the plays. You may just walk out quoting the sonnets and enjoying what Shakespeare reveals about all of us.

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Public Speaking

​Whether it’s a presentation for colleagues or a toast in a crowded hall, there are a few simple things you can do to communicate more clearly. This workshop goes through physical grounding, vocal support, and idea projection to help participants communicate clearly to a crowd. This workshop is designed for business professionals and non-actors.


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